Study: Marian Bantjes

Intricate Beauty by Design is a 3-part study on illustrator, Marian Bantjes.

The 1st part consists of a publication design containing her biography, a range of works and an interview text – “Reputations”, originally published on Eye Magazine.

The 2nd part consists of experimentations with image-making by adapting Marian Bantjes’ style and her approach to design.

As the way we obtain audio and video has changed dramatically; downloading via the Internet is now the primary way. Audio and video formats no longer rely only on external packaging to attract consumers. Despite the issue of digital formats, it also presents new design opportunities to create unique packages with exclusive content. Hence, the 3rd part consists of a SD card packaging design containing a live video recording of Marian Bantjes on TED Talks.

The study is completed with a personal review of the notion of self-initiated works, titled Finding the Sweet Balance.